Yellow Zinc Plating

Specializing in auto parts restoration

About our Yellow Zinc "Cad" Style Plating

I offer refurbishing of yellow zinc or yellow Cadmium plated parts, such as those found on VW, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Saab, Volvo and countless other cars.

Yellow zinc chromate plating - beforeUpon receipt of your parts, I strip the old plating, coatings and corrosion completely, immerse the parts in specially-prepared detergent and acid baths to properly prepare them for a fresh, shiny coat of protective zinc plating - just like newly produced pieces!

Yellow zinc chromate plating - afterAfter completion of the plating process, parts are again prepped and dipped in a heated yellow chromate bath, which produces a beautiful goldish coating, with swirls of green and red hues. The chromate further protects the steel beneath and makes it more compatible with aluminum parts, such as cylinder heads. This is why many engine components come from the factory with this coating.

If you're interested in restoring your car to like-new condition, this is one change that will really make your engine bay and other parts of your car 'pop'.


Please send as much info as possible with your inquiry (description and quantity of items) for a price quote. A photo is always helpful.


Can be either a shiny gold/yellow or a duller gold color, as requested. Finish can vary slightly, depending upon condition of parts and final product can vary from one batch to the next. If a matching finish is required for several parts, they should all be submitted as one order. Parts can also be simply left with the standard zinc plating (as the lug nut photo above) or finished with iridescent 'blue' chromate for extra protection.


Zinc is an excellent corrosion-resistant plating. Over time, the zinc will oxidize to protect the steel part below. The oxide is a whitish powder. Yellow chromate adds excellent long-term durability by providing an additional protective layer.
Chromate plating is merely an acid-based oxidizer and can be scraped off with sandpaper or other abrasive means. It can also be removed/damaged by exposure to acids. If properly handled and cared for, yellow zinc plated parts can retain their OEM-look for many years.


Many jobs can be completed and shipped with about a week of receipt, depending upon our workload.  Larger jobs and special items may require more time. Faster turnaround times may incur an extra charge. Please inquire.


Customer Feedback:

The hardware just arrived - and looks great! Thank you so much for getting this taken care of in a timely fashion. It's appreciated.  -Andreas W.

Parts have arrived and look beautiful. Thanks a lot for your help and service. - Bernhard B.

Thanks for the parts plating, they look fantastic - great job! Will send all of my future work your way. - Bob B.

I received the clamps and they are superb! I'm glad I decided to have you do them. They will look great on my 67. I'll be sure and refer you on the various vintage mustang sites I visit. -  Brian J.

I just opened the box of fasteners you plated and I gotta tell ya, I'm very very impressed. They came out great. The finish is better than I expected. I'm also pleased with the way the bright silver plating came out as well.  - Craig B.

The part looks great...Your work and service has been outstanding -- I will have no problem using you again-- or recommending you to someone else... - Jack G.

I got the parts yesterday and they look great!  Thanks again for the quick turnaround.  I hope you don't mind if I recommend you to friends needing parts refinished. - John B.

I received the parts you plated, they are all brilliant, your work is impeccable. This is all perfect...I am starting to think you are even fussier than I am.....and that is fussy. You do excellent work. - Jon M.

I got the parts, they look great. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you so very much. - Ken D.

The parts look great. Thanks for getting them done with such care. - Sven L.

PERFECT.... The parts look fantastic. Thank you for the quick service. - Mike P.

What can I say?  The parts are perfect, thanks so much. - Rod W.

Just wanted to let you know that I thought the parts you did are beautiful!  Thanks for a quality job. - Rodger L.